JessicaNutrition Rescue works with individuals and families to navigate the ever-expanding grey area of nutrition as it pertains to management of food allergies and intolerances. Jessica provides support with elimination diets, menu development, and minimizing the impact of food restrictions. With a practical approach, she addresses the unique needs of every individual or family, helping them build knowledge and confidence.

About Jessica Moon, MS

Jessica is a Clinical Nutritionist in Stamford, CT. After completing her Masters in Human Nutrition in 2008, she got a crash course in real-life nutrition issues when her own son was born with extensive feeding problems and food allergies. When it comes to kids, she gets it.

Jessica has worked with top area practitioners including Dr. Jared Skowron, N.D. and Dr. Vincent Carlesi, M.D. She also provides health coaching at Green + Tonic in New Canaan, CT.

Having made appearances on News12 Connecticut and contributing to online and print nutrition articles, Jessica is passionate about the therapeutic value of food and plants and works to make whole and natural foods appealing and accessible.

Her background working with people facing health and economic challenges has helped her grasp the complexity of the food system. An advocate for food equity as well as local and sustainable food production, she supports small farmers and is a member of the New England Farmer’s Union and Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut.